Good Day to you Volunteer,

This is a test to determine if you are qualified for the Typesetting Job. Please follow the instructions provided below.


  • Typeset using Photoshop (preferred) or GIMP (gimp is free if you don’t have access to Photoshop.)
  • Save all files as .psd
  • Kindly download all font files CLICK HERE provided by PMScans.
  • Follow the script when typesetting and follow the font list provided CLICK HERE in the script.
  • Download the PSD TEST files on the folder (translation included). CLICK HERE Once you’re done, upload it on your google drive and send us the shared link for us to view it.
  • Refer to the LEGEND that the Translation team is using – click this —> PMSCANS TYPESETTING GUIDE
  • You must use the fonts that are indicated on the Translation Script. In this test refer to this —>> PMSCANS – LEGEND FONT USAGE
  • And lastly, you will need lots of Patience. LOL

So for now take a Deep Breath and continue to read on!  ^_~


MANGA IS THE JAPANESE VERSION OF AMERICAN COMICS. Unlike American comics that are read starting from left to right, Japanese manga is the opposite of that, reading Japanese Manga should start on the right to left then from top to bottom like the one that is on the image below.


MANHWA IS THE KOREAN  COUNTERPART OF MANGA & MANHUA IS THE CHINESE COUNTERPART OF MANGA in Japan.  The only difference is the layout and style of these Comics. But unlike MANGA, this however is read starting from left to right then top to bottom. Just like American comics do. Look at the image below.


PMSCANS elaborately instruction on typesetting! LOL


    • All texts must be centered, and set to smooth.

  • Texts should not have an hourglass shape.  – It must conform to the shape of the bubbles. Like the image example below.
  • All texts must be inside the respective bubbles/boxes. Texts must not cover the characters unless shown in the raw.
  • The Typesetter test is Ahiru No Sora Chapter 219. You can compare your work after you finish it on the finished product that is located HERE.

    When you’re done doing the typesetter’s test, you will need to submit it to our discord channel CLICK HERE. Look for Grail or MoonL1ght they will know what to do. or you can send a DM at our FB PAGE or email us at pmscanlation@gmail.com.

Whew! Well, that’s about it. Good Luck and hope you pass the test. We are looking forward to you joining us on PMScans!


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Yeah this is a hobby and we do it for passion but not because we are doing this for free, we don’t have to pay any to keep this hobby…

Good Day to you Volunteer, This is a test to determine if you are qualified for the Cleaner Job. You need to download this manga image and this manhwa image…