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Yeah this is a hobby and we do it for passion but not because we are doing this for free, we don’t have to pay any to keep this hobby from existing and for us to continue releasing series/projects that we both love.

In order for us to keep alive, we solely rely on donations that you, our generous readers keep on sending. The donations are split on paying for our translators, redrawers, etc. We also pay for the raws that we are buying for raw providers and lastly we pay for our website (this website) servers for us to keep our scanlation in one place and for you to read it here.

So If you have the means to support us and give love to our work, you can do so by clicking the buttons below.


Guide for Translation. English Text before the Korean, Japanese, Chinese Text. Use Notepad on Translating. Use the LEGEND indicated below. Follow the necessary protocol that is instructed below. ======================================= If…

Good Day to you Volunteer, This is a test to determine if you are qualified for the Typesetting Job. Please follow the instructions provided below. INSTRUCTIONS: Typeset using Photoshop (preferred)…

Good Day to you Volunteer, This is a Test to determine if you are qualified for the Cleaner Job. You need to DOWNLOAD this file and follow the instruction provided…