Peach and the Book of the Last Days
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2019
Author Chenxii
Artist Chenxii
Serialization Kuaikan Manhua
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Peach and the Book of the Last Days

Last Word of the World, Tao Yu Mo Shi Zhi Shu, 桃与末世之书

Synopsis Peach and the Book of the Last Days

The future of the world, due to the scientific experiment accident led to the collapse of civilization, most of the areas returned to tribal level, the accident also affected people that acquire irreversible distortion, which is divided into two races: one is the body and mechanical combination of “robot” which they call Cyborg, and the other, a human and animal genes mixed part man and animal which they call “Beast”,

Enter Mavros Ignus, a cyborg wanderer in the realm of both places who was eager to uncover the mysteries of the world they now live in.

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