Reborn as the Villain in a Webnovel
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Reborn as the Villain in a Webnovel

나 혼자 소설 속 망나니

Synopsis Reborn as the Villain in a Webnovel

While staying at work past 40 hours as the nights progressed, I nodded off for a brief time. At the point when I woke up, I appeared to have the antagonist of the webnovel I was perusing. “All things considered, how regularly buzzword… to where I’d end up dead if I somehow managed to follow the foreordained destiny. Darn it.”

I need to figure out how to endure.

The main method to get by as a lowlife in the webnovel: “Persuade however many individuals as would be prudent to be my ally.”

The subsequent method to get by as a scoundrel in the webnovel: “Become sufficiently able to ensure myself.”

Ultimately, the third method to get by as a miscreant in the webnovel: “Never become cordial with that pleased and crazy ‘Brought Master’.”

Be that as it may, how would it be advisable for me to respond? Indeed, even before I had this body, the first proprietor previously caused an episode. “Utilize your cash to kill the ‘Gathered Master’ who still can’t seem to recapture his force? Is it accurate to say that you are insane? Then, at that point who will stop the Demon King?” This is the start of the advanced endurance + prison marauder dream story of Choi Yu-Seong, the had miscreant who needs to carry on with a laid-back way of life!

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